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Global EV Charging Points with Open Charge Map

I walk through Open Charge Map's EV Charging Station dataset.

Aircraft Route Analysis

I explore ways to track individual aircraft found in's flight tracking dataset.

Tokyo Walking Tour Guide

I build a walking tour guide using DuckDB and QGIS.

Extracting OSM Features

I break up an OSM file into 1,087 themed GeoPackage files.

Global Flight Tracking

I explore's flight tracking dataset.

Mapping Estonia with LiDAR

I explore the Estonian Land Board's LiDAR scans dataset.

Natural Earth's Global Geospatial Datasets

I explore Natural Earth's freely available global geospatial datasets.

Maxar's Open Satellite Feed

I explore 1 TB of Maxar's freely available satellite imagery.

Overture's Global Geospatial Datasets

I explore Overture's three global and free-to-use mapping dataset releases.

A Review of Esri's Imagery in Action MOOC

A review of their six-week spatial imagery course.

A Review of Esri's Spatial Data Science MOOC

A review of their six-week course which focuses on their ArcGIS Pro offering.

Enhancing ClickHouse's Geospatial Support

I review Clickgis, a Rust-based extension that adds WKB and GeoJSON support to ClickHouse.

Geospatial Clustering with Uber's H3 in DuckDB & QGIS

I revisit Uber's H3 with a more concise method for producing geospatial clusters.

Popular Airline Passenger Routes Refresh

I've extracted the most popular commercial airline passenger routes from 21 GB of Wikipedia articles.

DuckDB's Spatial Extension

DuckDB can now open 50+ GIS file formats. I use it to help examine the Bing Maps team's AI road detection project.

Geospatial DuckDB

I walk through basic geospatial workflows in DuckDB.

European Route Planning

I build a pan-European Bus Route Planner.

Faster PostgreSQL To BigQuery Transfers

I compare shipping data via CSV and Parquet from PostgreSQL to BigQuery.

Awesome Isochrones

I show how you can create beautiful isochrone maps using Valhalla and QGIS.

Pretty Maps in Python

I show how you can create beautiful maps in Python.

Making Heatmaps

I walk through a GIS toolchain for creating heatmaps.

Deploying 5G Around Trees

I explain how Open5G digs through 3.5 trillion records produced by a deep learning algorithm trained on a massive cluster in Switzerland that was fed imagery of the entire earth from two satellites to decide how to roll out 5G in California.

The Streets of Monaco

I walk through a GIS toolchain for visualising the streets of Monaco and its Formula 1 circuit.

Faster Geospatial Enrichment

I compare latitude and longitude to h3 binning times between PostgreSQL, BigQuery and ClickHouse.

Linting UK Postcodes

Parsing and linting UK postcodes is ripe with edge cases.

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