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Faster Testing with RAM Drives

Reduce the I/O overhead of running tests in Django.

Tightening Django Admin Logins

A strategy for blocking dictionary attacks and restricting access to a white list of IP addresses.

Passwords in Django

A review of Django auth's password storage format and password storage upgrading capabilities.

Faster Python

Six tips for speeding up Python code.

Crushing, caching and CDN deployment in Django

A strategy for crushing, caching and deploying front-end-optimised Django sites.

Better Python Package Management

Python's most popular package management tool is pip. I explore some tools to increase its functionality.

Load balancing Django

Setup a load-balanced, two-node Django cluster with a minimal Ansible footprint.

Faster Django Testing

Run Django tests concurrently with pytest-xdist.

Django exception archaeology

How to capture, monitor and analyse exceptions raised from a Django project.

Python's killer apps for blogging: Pelican and S3cmd

I look into the steps of creating a blog using Pelican and hosting it with low-cost CDN services from Amazon with the help of S3cmd.

Former PHP developer

I stopped coding in PHP in 2011, here are the thoughts that led me to that decision.

File uploads to Amazon S3 in Django

How to upload files to Amazon S3 from a form in Django as well as (very important) how to test the upload process.

Django speaking JSON

django-jsonview offers a method decorator which will cause all responses (including exceptions) to return in API-friend, JSON format.

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