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Faster Testing with RAM Drives

Reduce the I/O overhead of running tests in Django.

Tightening Django Admin Logins

A strategy for blocking dictionary attacks and restricting access to a white list of IP addresses.

Passwords in Django

A review of Django auth's password storage format and password storage upgrading capabilities.

Crushing, caching and CDN deployment in Django

A strategy for crushing, caching and deploying front-end-optimised Django sites.

Load balancing Django

Setup a load-balanced, two-node Django cluster with a minimal Ansible footprint.

Faster Django Testing

Run Django tests concurrently with pytest-xdist.

Django exception archaeology

How to capture, monitor and analyse exceptions raised from a Django project.

File uploads to Amazon S3 in Django

How to upload files to Amazon S3 from a form in Django as well as (very important) how to test the upload process.

Django speaking JSON

django-jsonview offers a method decorator which will cause all responses (including exceptions) to return in API-friend, JSON format.

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