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Hardening SSH

I walk through setting up BastionZero on an AWS EC2 instance.

Where is every IP Address?

I describe how IPinfo finds the location of almost every IP address on earth.

Monitor ClickHouse with Prometheus & Grafana

Keep an eye on ClickHouse with Prometheus and Grafana.

Python Web Scraping with Virtual Private Networks

Proxy Python and curl web requests through WireGuard and OpenSSH.

Fast IPv4 to Host Lookups

I compare PostgreSQL and ClickHouse performance characteristics while performing IPv4 to hostname lookups.

Systems Monitoring: top vs Htop vs Glances

An examination and comparison of top, Htop and Glances; three tools for performing ad-hoc monitoring of systems and application performance.

Detecting Bots in Apache & Nginx Logs

I explore the task of bot detection in web traffic logs.

Faster IPv4 WHOIS Crawling

I examine the performance and reliably increases from using Redis across a 51-node IPv4 WHOIS crawling cluster.

Mass IP Address WHOIS Collection with Django & Kafka

I investigate how fast a cluster of EC2 instances can collect WHOIS records of IPv4 addresses.

Bulk IP Address WHOIS Collection with Python and Hadoop

I investigate how fast a 40-node Hadoop cluster on AWS EMR can collect WHOIS records of IPv4 addresses.

Collecting all IPv4 WHOIS records in Python

An exploratory effort to see how hard it is to collect all IPv4's WHOIS records.

IP Address lookups using Python

A comparison of four methods used to find the country of an IP address.

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